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Barnesmore Retreats


In an emergency the “blue light” services – Garda Síochána, ambulance, fire and Irish Coast Guard – can be contacted by dialling 112 or 999.

Emergency – 112 or 999 Dial 112 or 999 in genuine cases of emergency – don’t assume someone else will make the call.

A genuine emergency is where someone’s life, health, property or the environment is in danger, or where there is reason to assume this to be the case.

If you need to report a crime which is not an emergency, phone the local Garda station located on Quay Street in Donegal Town at (074) 9721021

NOTE:  If you need the ambulance service in an emergency call 999 or 112.  This will allow the Emergency Call Taker in the National Emergency Operations Centre to guide you and explain to you what you should do using a step-by-step approach until the ambulance arrives.

Remember the key message where child safety is concerned

Watch your child at all times, as children do not understand danger

The EIRCODE for this property is: F94 X0T2